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Vendor: H2O STORE

Collezioni: H2O CREAM,

Thanks to an innovative technology, vibrations (codes) have been inserted into the crystal of the aqueous component of the gel, which regenerate the epidermis.

The action of ENTROPIA is synergistic with ANIMA to obtain a complete anti-aging and lifting result. A renewed luminosity of the complexion is obtained, the recovery of the elasticity of the tissue and a visible rejuvenating action.

In some cases, the extraordinary firming capacity of the product can, at the first applications, give the skin a sensation of dryness. It is a normal adaptation of the skin to the emulsifying texture, super-coherent water and high-quality hyaluronic acid of which ENTROPIA is composed.

Recommendations for use:

it is applied directly to the face, neck and decollete morning and evening. Due to its light gel structure, it can be applied as a make-up base or before any other specific cream. In case of specific need, it may be useful to intensify its use. The effectiveness of the product is easily visible from the first applications; the constant and rhythmic use guarantees the consolidation of the results achieved.