Firming Arm Sleeves
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Firming Arm Sleeves


Collezioni: SLEEVES,

The Arm Firming Treatment Sleeve allows for the activation of muscle filament proteins in the treated areas. Immediately after the application there is an increase in the size of the muscle thanks to the stimulating action of the blood circulation. The muscle fibers of the vessels increase in elasticity for the benefit of blood and arterial flow, in tone, volume acquiring greater strength. Contraction and relaxation improve. Firms, drains and makes the skin velvety and taut, helping to eliminate the so-called "Bat Wings".

How to use: they are worn for at least 20 minutes in which it is possible to carry out any activity.


Water, GARCINIA mangostana extract, Horse chestnut extract, Birch extract, Ivy hydroalcoholic extract, Hamamelis aromatic distilled water.