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LIPOBURNER SHORTS are polyamide shorts that reactivate adipose tissue by promoting lipase.

The shorts are MULTIPURPOSE.

Once the initially contained H2O product has been used up, it can be loaded with the LIPOBURNER 150ml spray.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: wear the trousers on clean skin and leave on for at least 20 minutes.


Thanks to an innovative technology, vibrations have been inserted into the water crystal, i.e. codes that favor lipolytic activity.

The result is a visible improvement in the contours of the hips, abdomen, legs and arms.

The application of LIPO BURNER, during slimming programs, allows to obtain a greater reactivity of the adipose tissue. The visible effect with prolonged use (at least 20 days of application) is the thinning of the contours in the treated areas.

Recommendations for use:

Lipo Burner is sprayed directly on the area to be treated for the first week once a day (in the morning), then twice a day (morning and evening). It is very effective to be nebulized about 30 minutes before any physical activity in the affected areas. The daily use of the product, following a constant rhythm of application, gradually improves the contours of the body.