Lip Volume
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Lip Volume

Vendor: H2O STORE

Collezioni: H2O CREAM,

Serum for lips and lip contour is a product based on informed or super-coherent 1 water and active ingredients of the highest quality.

Thanks to an innovative technology, resonance frequencies have been inserted into the water crystal which increase the action of the active ingredients inserted.
The action of the LIP VOLUME gives a plumping, moisturizing and protective effect visible from the first application. The serum is also perfect for smoothing out small wrinkles around the lips (barcode) and the contribution of precious oils helps nourish and soften the skin and mucous membranes. The result is a renewed volume of the lips and the recovery of the elasticity of the tissue.

Active principles
Water: the protagonist ingredient in the products allows you to elevate to the nth
power the energetic and functional strength of the vibrational cosmetic and guarantee the
result. Structured in this way, the water amplifies the action of the active ingredients in solution.

Soybean oil, olive oil, lip plumper active, HYDROLYZED GLYCOSAMINOGLYCANS, vitamin C, vitamin E, Rosa Centifolia water flower.

Recommendations for use
Lip Volume is applied directly to the lips several times a day. Due to its volumizing and emollient gel structure, it is recommended to use it on the entire lip contour to smooth out small wrinkles.