CFA Srls, exclusive licensee of the H2O Power Spray brand, is a start-up established in 2018 in order to develop an entrepreneurial project to produce and market cosmetic products, 100% made in Italy, which generate well-being and contribute to the health of our customers.

To this end, with the H2O Power Spray brand, we have designed some lines of natural products, dedicated to different types of people, starting from the study of the human body and its interaction with water, the natural element par excellence.

The human body dialogues with water and H2O Power Spray was born from the development of research on the relationship and inseparable bond between Man and Water, with the aim of creating natural products aimed at contributing to health and well-being by eliminating the imperfections related to the progressive cellular aging and dysmorphism in general, through knowledge and interaction with water, the element that makes us up to 99%.

A development based on the assumption that water is the most powerful conductor existing in nature, capable of carrying information inside the cells, and that there is continuous communication between man and water, with the possibility of convey any type of message.

Inside the crystal of bacteriologically pure water, obtained from a precise process of purification and subtraction of memory, thanks to an exclusive and unique technology in the world, information (or code, sequence of codes) is inserted.

The information system is able to generate coherent water structures, through the insertion of electromagnetic signals inside the water crystal. These signals determine the correct gene sequence, so as to produce super coherent (or even informed) treated water.

Quantum electrodynamics (QED) offers a really interesting perspective. The water present in living systems, in contact with biological matter, is structured in an organized and coherent way. The greater the coherence of the structure, the better the processing of energy in the cellular structures.

Super-coherence is the exaltation of these oxygen transports which, organized in this way, allow for a better cellular energy quality to be elaborated.

Within its composition, each solution has a water made structured and informed with epigenetic data capable of regenerating the various structures responsible for receiving the vibration emitted by the product.

The codes, the information, inserted in the water molecule thanks to an innovative technology allow the real answer to correct our structure composed of water over time, through the nebulizations of products designed for a progressive rebalancing of incorrect cellular processes, due to lack of exercise, use of unsuitable cosmetics or an unbalanced diet.

The result takes the form of a line of high quality cosmetics, 100% Made in Italy, marketed to position itself on the market as a precious innovation with timely, effective and highly targeted effects.

All H2O products are completely eco-sustainable, the packaging is made of aluminum and totally recyclable, with small parts in recyclable plastic and there is no gas inside!

The production is carried out in compliance with the regulations in force and with the UNI quality certifications achieved over the years.