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The BODYFLOW SHORTS are polyamide shorts that restore the drainage of stagnant liquids, reducing the swelling typical of lymphoma, creating a draining effect.

The shorts are MULTIPURPOSE.
Once the initially contained H2O product has been used up, it can be loaded with the BODYFLOW 150ml spray.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: wear the trousers on clean skin and leave on for at least 20 minutes.


Thanks to an innovative technology, vibrations have been inserted into the crystal of water, i.e. codes that activate the lymphatic system and allow for deep purification, supporting the activities of the liver and kidneys.

BODY FLOW is effective for the treatment of blemishes deriving from swelling following retention of liquid typical of lymphedema. The consequence of this altered state of the normal functioning of the recirculation of liquids dulls the skin causing a cyanotic colour, tending towards yellow, typical of a slowdown in the purifying action.

BODY FLOW helps restore the drainage of stagnant liquids by progressively reducing the well-known 'bags under the eyes' and bringing relief to oedematous states of the lower and upper limbs.

Recommendations for use:

Body Flow is sprayed on clean skin directly on the affected areas twice a day (morning and evening). The effectiveness of the product is easily visible from the first applications; the constant and rhythmic use guarantees the consolidation of the results achieved and a preventive action on the possible oedematous results in the treated parts.